CBD Oil – Hemp Full Spectrum

Hemp CBD Oil – Full Spectrum

Pura Vida CBD oils are made from organically grown hemp in Slovenia and Croatia which is part of the European Union. CBD is a natural compound found in the Cannabis Sativa. L plant and is currently the most sought after in natural products from food supplements to cosmetics.

We use “supercritical C02 extraction” methods to make a complete extract of cannabinoids and other vital compounds which occur naturally in the plant. CO2 is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly extraction process available and has been used in the food industry to make plant extracts – eg. Vanilla.

Pura Vida CBD oils contain different phytocannabinoids – the most well known being CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN. There are also terpenes, including Limonene, Linalool and Mycerene, along with other substances: amino acids, sugars, ketones, vitamins, lipids, alkanes, essential fatty acids and hemp seed oil.


Available in 3 different sizes:

10ml -500mg(5%), 1000mg(10%), 1500mg(15%)

30ml – 1500mg(5%), 3000mg(10%), 4500mg(15%)

50ml – 2500mg(5%), 5000mg(10%), 7500mg(15%)

Cannabis sativa seed oil (Hemp seed oil)

Cannabis sativa flower extract(Hemp extract)

Hemp oil contains essential fatty acids omega 3&6 (Alpha-linoleic acid and Linoleic acid) as well as gamma-linoleic acid and trace elements.

Natural source of Vitamin A & E

Organic ingredients

Supports a healthy organism

Moisturizing, repairing, nourishing, hydrating, softening, strengthening, soothing.